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Welcome to IconnectKenya

We are a social enterprise based in Kakuma Refugee Camp with the goal of empowering marginalized entrepreneurs to run digital, eco-friendly, and competitive businesses.

Who are we?

ICONNECTKENYA(ICOKE) is a social entreprise that works with diverse and marginalized communities to strengthen their structures by use of information, advocacy and media for economic growth, awareness and learning purposes.

Our Mission

To provide a digital platform that connects refugees and marginalized communities brands with the local and global market.

Our Vision

To improve the economic status of artisans, creatives, and designers by promoting self-reliance and social cohesion.

Our Slogan

Our slogan is rebrand, reposition and resell.


ICOKE is a women-led social enterprise that uses the power of social media platforms to enable brands to grow and generate more income. We work with marginalized communities and women owned brands to help amplify their voices and tell their individual story for identity through what they sell. Through us the brands access platforms where people can re-brand, connect and sell to their target market.

Statistics from UNHCR show that 68% of the communities living in Turkana are poor. 56% of the population’s households within these communities are headed by women.

Women and youth constitute the largest population living here next to children. These groups possess hands-on skills like dressmaking, basketry, crocheting, and beadwork. However, limiting factors that include low economic status, lack of marketing skills, and immediate access to marketing platforms hinder the growth of these communities. The women and youth end up not selling to wider markets and limit their abilities to meet high and competitive markets.

ICOKE strives to bridge this market gap by partnering together with these communities in an effort to uplift their economic and social standards. Some of the services we offer include;

Social Media Management Training

We help your business utilize the available social media tools for purposes of marketing your products.

E-Commerce Platform for Products

ICOKE DUKA allows our partners within the communities to sell their products easily by accessing a wider market.

Content and Brand Management

We help create an online presence for your business fir brand and product awareness.

Our Services

Our primary focus is to provide digital services and exposure to businessess in the local communities. Some of our services are;

Digital Services

ICOKE specializes in a range of services and trainings to help your business' brand. They include...;

Content Creation and Developmet

We help your business reach its target clients by producing content...

Community Mapping and Engagement

We help you mobilize, profile, connect, disseminate and engage with your clients through various means such as discussions and increasing information reach.

Social Events

We promote social cohesion through organizing social events to bring in brands together for...

We are your Voice

ICOKE for community works with designers, artisans, and creatives from...


Brands that works with diverse multi-cultural groups need their audience to understand their...

Social Media Management

ICOKE uses social and digital media business tools to address various business objectives by...

Mentorship and Training

Building youth and women creative through mentorship and training in mass media and journalism.

Advocacy and media campaigns

Advocacy and campaigns to sensitize communities on different matters affecting them mainly climatic changes and environmental conservation.

Opportunity Sharing

Through our platforms, we share opportunities available for Kenyans through grants, scholarships and jobs.

Our Model


This is an e-commerce that sells Kakuma products. We are environmentally conscious and work to create apparels that promote reusing, recycling, and reducing ideology. The items made by refugee and host communities living in Kenya are made of plant-based fibers like cotton, reeds, and locally available items. Items made include reusable shopping bags, fashion apparel, soft furnishings, and uniforms.


This is where we nurture the talents of youth in Kakuma by content creation aimed at supporting Kenyan brands. We work with youths with skills that include; web development, social media management, graphic design, and digital media publications. Through this, we are creating jobs for youth and supporting brands to grow to the next level.

ICOKE Story Zetu

On this platform, we feature stories of brands in Kenya making headlines by what they do. We interview successful business stories and feature entrepreneurs in Kenya. The stories are available on podcasts, youtube, and blogs.

Join Our Cause

You can help us make the communities better by vounteering or donating to help realise our cause


We can be reached by phone, email or through either of our social handles. If you have any inquireies kindly talk to us via the form below.

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